West Chester Golf & Country Club Member Testimonials

2015 Member Guest Golf Tournament

I wanted to write to express a sincere and heartfelt thank you to all those involved for the world class treatment the members and the staff extended to me and my father during the 2015 Member Guest Golf Tournament. I am a proud new member of the club this year, and my membership experience has simply exceeded my expectations. What makes the West Chester Golf & Country Club a great and unique place are the members that breathe life and energy into these grounds, and who truly treat the course and their guests as proud owners. “The Club” provides camaraderie, community, and a sense of family for those who truly embrace the membership experience. It is a bond that is shared by all, and that goes beyond the fees and dues. This fellowship is simply what makes the West Chester Country Club great.

The Member-Guest event from start to finish was without flaw, it was perfect, do not change a thing. This event has created a memory for me and my father that will be cherished forever and we will look forward to each and every year.

-- MB, 2015 Men's Member Guest attendee